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Woodcliffe Landmark Properties was founded in 1996 by Paul Oberman, a visionary leader who believed that significant heritage buildings could be restored through adaptive reuse to contribute to the urban landscape and still be economically viable. Sadly, Paul passed away in March, 2011 and his wife Eve Lewis, an accomplished real estate professional and longtime owner of Marketvision Real Estate Corporation and Urbanation, has assumed leadership and management of Woodcliffe.

Since its inception, Woodcliffe has developed and managed an extensive commercial real estate portfolio in Ontario and Quebec. Woodcliffe and its projects, which include iconic landmark buildings such as the North Toronto Station, King James Place and the Shops of Summerhill, have been honoured with almost every architectural award in Canada, including Heritage Canada's only awarding of its prestigious Corporate Award. Woodcliffe works in close collaboration with the preservation community, government and local interest groups to maintain the architectural integrity of every heritage project, holding all involved to the highest standards of quality.

Woodcliffe's vision ensures that their buildings and larger scale developments are true to their heritage and that they are celebrated by their respective neighbourhoods. The company currently owns and operates properties in Toronto's Rosedale/Summerhill neighbourhood and the historic downtown St. Lawrence neighbourhood.

Woodcliffe's most recent project was the assembly and redevelopment of Market Street, across from the south St. Lawrence Market. The project includes the renovation and retrofitting of three heritage buildings and a new landmark building at the corner of Market Street and The Esplanade with proposed restaurants and shops with seasonal patios along the entire block. The redevelopment of Market Street is a testament to the integrity, creativity and ethical manner on which Woodcliffe bases its principles.